Episode 2: Fibre, Laxatives & Constipation

This fascinating second episode sees Anne Holdoway speak with expert dietitians Tig Bridge and Kirsten Jackson, as they delve into the usage of both fibre and laxatives in the management of constipation. Covering a wide range of current hot topics whilst addressing many of the challenges experienced by dietitians in current practice.

Episode 2 – Key Discussion Points

  • Are dietitians overlooked?
  • The cost of constipation
  • IBS
  • Fibre Categorisation
  • Laxatives
  • Current guidelines
  • Fibre in enteral feeding
  • Is fibre often forgotten?

Paper referenced in this podcast:

Guest information

Tig Bridge
Website: https://thedietaryedit.com/
Socials: @the_dietary_edit
Kirsten Jackson
Website: https://thefoodtreatmentclinic.com/
Socials: @the.ibsdietitian

The Dietetic Discussion
The Dietetic Discussion
Episode 2: Fibre, Laxatives & Constipation
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