Episode 2: Managing Paediatric Constipation

In episode 2, Anne speaks with guest dietitian Bahee Van de Bor, delving into the complexities of managing paediatric constipation.

This new episode shares a wealth of knowledge around the dietary management of constipation, providing valuable insights, which can be applied across many settings and patient groups.

Episode 2 – Key Discussion Points

  • Common causes
  • Approaches for treatment & prevention
  • Utilising fibre effectively
  • Management of laxatives
  • Other factors to consider
  • Do guidelines need updating?

Further Reading

Ps… You can follow Bahee across Instagram @UKKidsNutrition and on Twitter @Baheevandebor

The Dietetic Discussion
The Dietetic Discussion
Episode 2: Managing Paediatric Constipation
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