UK EFFORT Trial:Official Product Sponsor

Official Product Sponsor of UK EFFORT TrialWe are proud to announce that ProSource TF is the “official product sponsor” of the UK EFFORT Trial.

The EFFORT trial is a randomised clinical trial of 4000 patients, which hypothesizes that the administration of a higher dose of protein / amino acids to the nutritionally high-risk, critically ill patient may be associated with improved survival and a quicker rate of recovery.

What makes ProSource TF the ideal product to support the EFFORT Trial?

ProSource TF enables you to increase a patient’s protein intake, without increasing their carbohydrates or volume. Furthermore, ProSource TF provides a high concentration level of ALL essential amino acids and has an osmolality level of 380 mOsm/kg water, making it close to isotonic, thus helping to improve patient tolerance.

If you are, or plan to participate in the EFFORT trial, please contact your local representative or email

More about the effort trial:
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