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Nutrinovo are proud to support The Dietetic Discussion, hosted by renowned dietitian, Dr Anne Holdoway.

The Dietetic Discussion will see Anne delve into a wide range of current dietetic topics with expert guests, featuring some of the country’s leading nutrition professionals. Each episode aims to provides listeners with valuable insights, reflecting on best practice whilst discussing innovation and the latest evidence. Whilst some topics are clinically focused, others invoke debate and differing opinions – what is for sure is that they will all hold your interest.

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March 2 2023

Episode 1: Gut Health and Food Diversity

Bringing together two of the UK’s most renowned gut health experts, Episode 1 sees show host Dr Anne Holdoway cover the topic of gut health and food diversity with Dr Megan Rossi.

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January 27 2023

Episode 4: Sustainability in Dietetics

Show host Dr Anne Holdoway poses a selection of environmental questions to guest dietitian Tanya Haffner. 

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November 15 2022

Episode 3: Diversity in Dietetics

Show host Dr Anne Holdoway, poses a selection of key questions to guest dietitians Rhia Saggu & Harpreet Sohal.

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August 22 2022

Episode 2: Managing Paediatric Constipation

In episode 2, Anne speaks with guest dietitian Bahee Van de Bor, delving into the complexities of managing paediatric constipation.

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July 21 2022

Episode 1: Social Media & Dietetics

Speaking with guest dietitian Cristian Costas, show host, Anne Holdoway delves into the complex relationship between social media and dietetics.

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May 31 2022

Bonus Episode – Season 1 Round-Up

In a round-up of Series 1, show host Dr Anne Holdoway looks back over the past discussions, highlighting recurring threads and reviewing various key insights and takeaway points.

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February 15 2022

Episode 5: Nutrition Provision in the ICU

This inspirational episode will see acclaimed dietitian, Ella Terblanche MBE, discuss her experiences accrued from over 25 years as a critical care dietitian.

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October 11 2021

Episode 4: Let’s Talk ACBS

This insightful episode sees ACBS (Advisory Committee on Borderline Substances) committee member and dietitian, Emma Emmerson, delve into the ‘ins and outs’ of the ACBS with podcast host Dr. Anne Holdoway.

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September 8 2021

Episode 3: Understanding Protein Quality

This insightful episode sees expert guest Professor Philip Atherton delve into the hot topic of protein quality.

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July 26 2021

Episode 2: Fibre, Laxatives & Constipation

This fascinating second episode sees Anne Holdoway speak with expert dietitians Tig Bridge and Kirsten Jackson, as they delve into the usage of both fibre and laxatives in the management of constipation.

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June 17 2021

Episode 1: How Covid-19 Changed Dietetics

The Dietetic Discussion will see renowned Dietitian, Dr Anne Holdoway delve into a wide range of current topics with expert guests, featuring some of the country’s leading nutrition professionals. 

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