Episode 1: Gut Health and Food Diversity

Bringing together two of the UK’s most renowned gut health experts, Episode 1 sees show host Dr Anne Holdoway cover the topic of gut health and food diversity with Dr Megan Rossi.

Episode 1 – Key Discussion Points

  • Key influential ingredients & superfoods
  • Effects of meal timing
  • The importance of diverse ingredients
  • Is snacking good or bad?
  • Science behind the 30 plant points principal
  • The use of novel ingredients
  • Managing functional gut disorders

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Website: https://www.theguthealthdoctor.com/
Twitter: @TheGutHealthDoc
Instagram: @theguthealthdoctor

Gut health expert, Dr Megan Rossi, highlights the importance of diverse ingredients, in collaboration with PepsiCo Health & Nutrition Science. To find out more on PepsiCo’s product innovation and renovation work through the health and nutrition sciences team: www.pepsico.co.uk

The Dietetic Discussion
The Dietetic Discussion
Episode 1: Gut Health and Food Diversity
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