HyFIBER is a low volume, liquid fibre supplement containing 12g soluble fibre in each 30ml – this is made up of 10.3g from polydextrose and 1.7g from fructooligosaccharides (FOS). Presented in a mild citrus flavour, HyFIBER is suitable for the dietary management of bowel transit disorders. HyFIBER is ready to use and can be taken orally without the need for pre-mixing; or administered via an enteral feeding tube.

HyFIBER is now ACBS approved for oral and enteral use!

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Product introduction video

Product Composition

Composition Amount per serving (30ml) Amount per 100ml
Calories 36 kcal 119 kcal
145 kJ 484 kJ
Fat 0g 0g
of which saturates 0 g 0 g
Carbohydrates 3.1 g 10.4 g
of which sugars 3.1 g 10.4 g
Fibre 12g 39 g
Protein 0 g 0 g
Sodium 2.77 mg (0.12 mmol) 9.22 mg (0.4 mmol)
Potassium 6.13 mg (0.16 mmol) 20.44 mg (0.52 mmol)
Phosphorus 0 mg 0 mg
Calcium 0 mg 0 mg

Osmolality = 330 mOsm/kg water


Mild Citrus – Water, Polydextrose, Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), Glycerin, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate.

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