ProSource Plus

Available in neutral and two great tasting flavours – Orange Crème and Citrus Berry and presented in ready to use 30ml sachets, flavoured ProSource Plus can be taken as a ‘shot’ or enjoyed as a drink; whilst ProSource Plus Neutral can be added directly to a patients meal, drink or sip feed – without any of the complications associated with powdered or higher volume sip feeds. ProSource Plus can be administered via a tube feed when mixed with 30ml water.

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P.S. All flavours of ProSource Plus are now available in a smaller 50 case size…

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Product Features & Benefits

15g protein in each 30ml sachet

Ideal for protein energy malnutrition and patients on a fluid restricted diet e.g. wounds, pressure sores, burns, renal disease, oncology, liver disease, bariatrics and elderly malnourished

Ready to use liquid

Suitable for oral consumption directly from the sachet

Suitable for use with tube fed patients

Can be easily mixed with 30ml of water prior to administering via an enteral feeding tube

Available in neutral and two great tasting flavours

Helps promote compliance and can support food fortification

A complete protein

ProSource Liquid is complete in all essential amino acids at levels high enough to ensure quality

Uses hydrolysed collagen

Hydrolysis breaks down proteins into smaller peptides, which aids gut absorption

Single use sterile sachets

Easy for patients to use and health professionals to administer. Assists with infection control

Low in electrolytes

Ideal for patients requiring a low electrolyte diet e.g. those on renal dialysis

ACBS approved

ACBS approved for Hypoproteineamia – widely prescribed and reimbursed within the community

Administration, Dosage & Directions for use

ProSource Liquid should be administered by a clinician or dietitian and dosage is dependent on the age, body weight and medical condition of the patient.


For the dietary management of hypoproteinaemia. ProSource Plus is prescribable on FP10/GP10 for the following: Hypoproteineamia

Precautions & Contra-indications

Must only be used under strict medical supervision. For enteral use only. Not suitable as a sole source of nutrition. Not recommended for children under 3 years of age. May not be suitable for vegetarians and other groups due to processing of some of the ingredients. Contains porcine derivatives.

Shelf Life & Storage

ProSource Plus has a shelf life of 18 months from date of manufacture. Store unopened at room temperature (not exceeding 25oC). Once opened, consume immediately.

Pack Size & Ordering

ProSource Plus is available in packs of either 50 or 100 x 30ml sachets

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